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Top 10 valuable cars for sale

12/16/2015 17:49:55
Top 10 valuable cars for sale
We have selected 10 vehicles which must have a good value after five years. 

To buy a car is a very prestigious thing. But keep in mind that cars also have terms of use. No one wants to get stuck with a vehicle that loses its value too quickly or is worth a fraction of what they paid for it when it comes time to sell. It’s expected that the average 2016 vehicle will retain only 35 percent of its original value after five years. Some models, however, hold their value longer than others.
We have selected 10 vehicles which must have a good value after five years. 

1. Toyota Tacoma - According to KBB.com, Toyota's midsize truck tops all other vehicles in America with 61.7 % remaining after 5 years



2. Subaru Forester - The Japanese crossover is expected to keep 47.3 %



3. Chevrolet Camaro - 49 % 



4. Honda CR-V - Resale value after five years is 50.8 %



5. Ford F-150 - 52 %


6. GMC Canyon - 57.5 %



7. Honda Civic - Best in the compact class. Many drivers think of an affordable compact car, which is probably why this car was the winner in its category



8. Lexus GS 350 - Best in luxury class. With a resale value of 52.4%. Lexus GS 350 will give you a lot of bang for your buck if you ever decide to part with this luxury car.



9.  Hyundai Azera - Best in full-size segment. 54 %.



10. Jeep Wrangler - There's no vehicle that better defines its segment than the Jeep Wrangler. 54.9 %



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